Sky, Blue Sky // w/ Dinah From EBModels + some SOOC BTS shots

Last Sunday was such a wonderful, sunny and lazy September day, and I was so happy to spend it with Dinah ☀️

I had prepared some outfits for her and planned a little where to shoot, but as usual I also like to just look around and improvise when we see opportunities - as was the case with this series. This was one of two different looks we did that day and when I stumbled into BikBok @Farmandstredet and found this soft, lovely set - I knew I had to get it for Dinah.

Monika Jan did Dinah’s beautiful makeup.

This was our second look for the day and after an, obviously very necessary, pizza-break - we went out again to shoot this look 🍕

As often on sunny days, we ended up at the beachwalk - and I figured the contrasts between the light-colored wool-clothing and Dinah’s lovely red-toned hair would look amazing against the deep blue sky.

Dinah was absolutely fabulous (she always is though) - and I am always so happy about how she reacts to me and my camera when we shoot together, she’s a little gem 💎

For this look, she’s wearing a lovely 2-piece and wool-scarf from BikBok + platform sneakers from Y.R.U

If you’re in Tønsberg (or anywhere else for that matter) you should definitely go to BikBok at Farmanstredet and grab yourself this lovely set while it’s still in stock.

For those interested, these were shot with a Canon 5dm4 @50mm 📷

If you want check up on what we’re doing - you can find us at Instagram below

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Hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed shooting them 💙

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And here’s some snapshots and bts-footage straight from my little Olympus Pen.